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I made a blog post introducing Pleroma for newcomers and Mastodon users:
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About #Slack I want to mention that my favourite Free Software projects, #Guix and #Guile, both use mailing lists and (logged) IRC channels

I even linked some old email in those mailing lists in my blog

Also I suggest rreading this document about FLOSS projects using walled gardens comms systems (thank you to @clacke for the link)

Oh boy. The situation is a bit messy with this domain and my mastodon instance. Will probably end up switching to GNU Social or Pleroma, running on a subdomain of

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software development is an emotional roller coaster.

the joy when you find a new useful tool or library.

the despair when you find out you need npm to get it.

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re: this toot

Are Amazon employees actually getting paid in Amazon store credits?

Hmm, not sure whether I should take on running my own Matrix homeserver. I think I'll stick to using for the time being.

@MutoShack Thanks for the follow! I was just reading through your Planting Flowers in Guile; I really enjoyed it! I also quite liked the friendly tone of the blog post and the warm look of your blog's theme.

If I may provide some typography-related feedback,
- the content could be narrower (e.g. a max-width = 40em; on .container and a smaller font-size for body),
- line-height of the body text could be increased to make the text look a bit less crammed, and
- monospace for inline code.

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An old master asked on the newsgroup: What is the best question a newbie can ask about Emacs?

The newbie answered: What is Emacs?

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@iank Hey, are you aware of this?

I thought I'd mention it in the off chance you didn't see it.

Ok we're back up and running :)

The attempt to change WEB_DOMAIN to be the same as LOCAL_DOMAIN failed.

GNU Social instances didn't seem to have any problems but none of the other mastodon instances would communicate with my server after the change.

So I've reverted back to separate WEB_DOMAIN, at least for now.

I opened

@clacke I'm temporarily unfollow-ing you and other non-mastodon (e.g. GNU-social) users I follow; since I'm gonna try to make some changes to my mastodon setup that may be problematic with federating non-mastodon instances. I'll follow you again as soon as I manage to sort everything out with my instance, or if I'm unsuccessful and have to fall back to my current setup.

Ok I'm gonna try to change my mastodon setup to have it run on top level instead of I will temporarily take it down and bring it back up again this time on My acct id should stay the same but federation with my instance will probably be messed up for maybe at least a day.

I'll be back soon but in the meantime please try not to interact with my account (don't mention, follow, fave, etc) until I hopefully sort everything out.